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Happy Birthday today to a man with many nicknames he, is the Mental Mastermind, the Paragon of Virtue, the Man of 1004 holds, the King of Bling Bling, The King of the World, Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, & One Bad Mamma Jamma, Lionheart Chris Jericho. Chris started in 1990 getting trained at the Hart Brother's School of Wrestling where he met Lance Storm the first day and they became friends and still are to this day. After two months of training they started on the Indy scene on some of the shows they worked for the same guy that Christian, Edge, & Rhino were when they were first starting out. In 1991 after befriending fellow Hart family graduate Rick Fuji Chris & Lance started in FMW in Japan. After that Jericho made his way to Mexico were he competed as Leon D'Oro, and later Corazón de León for the 2 years their competing for numerous small market companies but also CMLL the biggest promotion in the country. After leaving Mexico Chris moved on to another place to hone his skills and that was Germany for a 6 week tournament of sorts in which Chris did alot. After that he went back to Japan this time as a heel and a member of top heel stable called Team with No Respect. Also during 1994 Jericho returned to the states to team up with his buddy once more Lance Storm this time in James Cornette's SMW. By 1996 his hard work had paid off he made it to one of the big 3 ECW though, he only stayed their for a couple months leaving by the spring for WCW he did win the ECW TV Title from Pitbull 2. Even though he signed with WCW he didn't debut for them until 1997 signing with them in 1996 however as he went to NJPW as apart of talent exchange between the two companies. Their he feuded with Jushin Liger, then mid-way through 97 he finally comes back to WCW. He won the WCW Cruserweight title for the first time from Syxx on the June 28th edition of Nitro. He would win the title 2 more times within the next year but it was his 3rd time that Chris found something that's when he turned heel. From that point till half way through 1998 Jericho was having feuds with the cruserwieghts some better than the ones the heavyweights were having. On August 10 1998 Jericho won the TV title from Stevie Ray, soon after that Chris started calling out Goldberg (I think was a missed opportunity for WCW) that could have been the feud that helped make Chris but No & that is partly the reason Chris left. After Hogan & Bischoff said no on the Goldberg feud it was around a year after that Chris left WCW & was off to WWE where stayed at the mid car level until. Jericho won his first IC title at Unforgiven 99 but it wasn't until the end of 2001 that Jericho really became a big deal in WWE cause that's when he won the Undisputed title. Things were off from their he feuded with Austin, Rock, HHH, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, & others. Then it was 2005 Jericho was burnt out but wanted to leave on top so he started to feud with John Cena world champion at the time & ended up losing a loser leaves match on RAW & would not come back for over a year. Jericho returned in 2007 as the second coming and started to feud with Randy Orton over the WWE title then feuded with JBL. I also think this time was better then the first feud between him and Michaels as this time he injured Shawn's eye and that spark a revenge feud. After becoming more serious Chris feuded with Batista, Cena, Stephanie McMahon, Mickey Rourke, Legends, Mysterio, DX, & others. Now we skip to the last year Jericho had sporadic feuds with Morrison, Bourne, Was World Champion, & apart of the Nexus feud. All this before getting punted in the Head by Orton late last year. Since then Jericho has been on Dancing with the Stars, done Interviews, toured with Fozzy, & he is leaving fans wondering when will he comeback again. 

Happy 40th Birthday to one of the greats of all time please comeback soon "Y2J" Chris Jericho 


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