History of: ECW

Now that the History of: CZW is over let's take a trip back in time to the company before it one of the big 3 from the golden age of wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling. With this History of: I am going from the night Shane Douglas throw down the NWA Title till the last show in 2001. I will not cover that here because the WWE verison of that wasnt Extreme Championship Wrestling it was more of ATW (Average Training Wrestling). The real history of ECW starts August 27 1994 in Philly, NWA President Dennis Coralluzzo is at the arena in South Philly overseeing a tournament for the NWA title. But what Coralluzzo doesnt know is Tod & Paul take offsense to his presence in the Arena & Tod has Shane throw down the title to end the show. It went like this after Douglas won he grab the title and said some former champions names, paused & said this is tonight dad & then said They can all kiss my ass!!!!!!!! He then says that he doesnt want to be the champion of company that died 7 years ago. A moment later Franchise picked up the ECW Title & named it the real world title, then he became the New Extreme Championship Wrestling World Champion. Tod Gordon said this on the next edition of NWA-ECW "I listened with great interest as the representative of the NWA board of directors took it upon himself to inform you that they have the power to force NWA-Eastern Championship Wrestling not to recognize The Franchise, Shane Douglas, as a world heavyweight champion. Well, as of noon today, I have folded NWA-Eastern Championship Wrestling. In its place will be ECW- Extreme Championship Wrestling- and we recognize The Franchise, Shane Douglas, as our World Heavyweight Champion. And we encourage any wrestler in the world today to come to the ECW to challenge for that belt. This is the ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, changing the face of professional wrestling." Those two shows helped change the future of the business they just didnt know what they were getting into yet. Next time on the History of: ECW, Paul Heymen, the ECW Arena, Local Television, & other things next time.


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