New Bodies on the FA Wire

90 days ago on August 5 2011 WWE did their usual yearly releasing not getting rid of to many people but who they got rid of did make an Impact (no pun intended). Yes as of today Chris Masters, Melina, Harry Smith, & Vladimir Kozlov 90 day No-Compete Clauses are up. Will they join TNA the next question I think 2 of the 4 probably by the end of the year. The two people i think are Melina & Chris Masters because I dont know if Harry & Vlad are still focused on only wrestling cause of the rumors of both men giving MMA a try. Melina  would actually do good in TNA because they value the womens division more they think women can have good matches so i think melina will flourish their. Because of how good she is in the ring TNA will make her a top knockout & with her getting JoMo maybe eaiser if they try to. Masters on the other will be given chances that he wasnt given in WWE because its been seen more than once that some people who dont get some chances in WWE they get them in TNA. That is why i see him going to TNA i mean just look at RVD, Ray, & Anderson all are getting chances to do things in TNA that they never got in WWE. Chris Masters is still good a young and could be a World Champion in any company if given a serious gimmick.


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