History of: CZW 3

The part we ended at the beginning of 2004 after Cage of Death 5. Really the only highlight for this company in 2004 was they returned to Italy but this time had Sabu. Since Nothing really important happened in 2004 I am going to take a trip back to 2001 when a now annual ppv began, and the name of it is Best of the Best which a tournament for the best light heavyweights in all the world. Now lets jump to 2005 as this year is more eventful then the last one because they started a working agreement with the other local promotion Chikara that they would share a training academy. Also in 2005 CZW unfortunately suffered the loss of a performer named Chris Cash and from that point till now they have had the Chris Cash Memorial Show. The company enjoyed one of their best years that year with new Booker Mike Burns at the top until the talent exchange. Also this talent exchange lead to the company in charge of the logos & tron work briefly departed from CZW. Well now to the story it was at Cage of Death 7 when Chris Hero called out Bryan Danielson who at that time was working for Ring of Honor & ROH only which him doing that meant that their was a talent exchange. Zandig hadn't known about the idea & was furious backstage then in comes the owner of the logo & tron company and they get into a heated argument & Zandig ends up costing CZW a good Booker & that company in the end as they both left the CZW. Skip ahead to 2007 when Maven Bentley debuts in CZW    
with his stable called MBA and they tried to do what any heel stable always tries to do and that's take over the company. Now we enter 2008 when CZW takes even more steps forward as a company as they get publicity from being apart of the movie called The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke it was filmed in the ECW Arena & CZW star Nerco butcher was apart of it fighting Mickey in a Hardcore match. Also they created another new ppv A Tangled Web which like all the others is still in today & even with a deathmatch as the main event it is still a top selling ppv. But out of all the CZW ppv's the most important is the one that ends the year Cage of Death because that usually brings in the most people and the most money for CZW. Last but not least in mid 2009 Zandig sold CZW to wrestler D.J Hyde and he has done a bang up job expanding the company since he took over 2 years ago.
Next time on the History Of: CZW i am going to give details on where i think CZW is now & who has been the better booker for the company my favorite star from the company and much more on the next edition of the history Of: CZW


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