1/2/12 Who's coming

Since most of the wrestling sites are planing into the rumors of who is coming 1/2/12, i am a wrestling site & i have yet so here i go. First I dont blame any of you guys for not sending me to write because well I am techniclly not an actual site just look at my web address so I wasnt really surprised. So back to the post in my opinion the guy who is coming the second day of the new year is Y2J Chris Jericho. Yes, even though his twitter posts and interviews say other wise i firmly believe that Jericho is coming back Jan 2 of 2012 because he is the only one. By process of elimination you can tell this because Kharma is still on leave having the kid, HBK is not coming back for the time beinging, & Batista returning is almost an after thought now. So for the most part all the other possibilities have their flaws & can be proven false; but if you think about 2007 when Jericho first returned at first nobody knew it was him & Chris, management, & Vince "didnt" know anything. But also if you read Jericho's book Undisputed you find out that Jericho loves doing surprise returns. In 1999 Chris left the WCW then after months of WWE fans seeing a countdown clock run down to the new generation then on the August 9 1999 the clock hit zero but by that time the fans had a very good idea that it was Chris but they didnt care & couldnt wait to see him in the WWF. This happend again in September 2007 when birnary codes or computer coding started to show up in 15 second videos on RAW this happend until November 19 when Jericho made his return. But again it went to long and the fans figured it out but once again they were very excited to see him and didnt care that they knew they were just happy to see him. This time they are not leaving enough time for the fans to figure it out or so they thought; they didnt count on the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) figuring it out thats one thing you can always expect when in doubt ask a mark. All the stuff is just a cover they dont expect us to figure it out Jericho will be in Memphis 1/2/12 for Monday Night Raw and all the examples i gave will be prove to be the truth.

Because the Truth Shall Set You Free!!!!!!!!!!!
If you dont believe me then your a Little Jimmy


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