What Just Happend

Breaking News just surfaced that WWE superstar Randy Orton has been suspended for 60 days because of the talent wellness policy and this being his second violation of the policy. Orton's first violation was back in 07 when this policy began to take affect on people. I hope he is suspended for the full 60 days because now this is forcing WWE hand to make a new star or start building someone up to get over. The reason why I can’t see it happening is because they lack depth & major stars, also they have bad habits of not suspending the top stars even when they do fail. But I think the fact the story is up with the Stamford seal of approval I think Orton is gone for 60 days. It really sucks for WWE because, first Jericho get suspended for what he did in Brazil, now Orton Drug Policy violation. It’s a big deal because this was supposed to be a match at No Way Out Jericho vs Orton.
I do have proof of the favoritism and the reason I think Orton may not be out for the entire 60 days and that’s the fact back when Bourne got suspended the first time; he got in trouble but the top star that violated with him didn’t because he was in the main event. That’s the exact reason I don’t think Orton stays away for 60 days. In my opinion it’s around a 90% chance that Orton stays away for 60 days but a 10% chance he doesn’t. I wonder how they will write him out because if they get him off the right way then it could help give someone a lot of steam for a feud and could make the replacement for Orton. By replacement I mean a name that gives people a reason to watch the show because Orton is one of those people you know and would watch the show because you recognize the name even a casual fan.

This just shows anything can happen in the world of pro-wrestling, by the way I know for Orton's sake nothing will happen to him if he violates it again cause WWE isn’t stupid enough to do that and you what I am talking about.


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