Rework & Rewrite

Road to Invasion

7/12:**No Stone Cold as he is nowhere to be found here tonight people wonder why & can’t understand  what happen but still the show must go on with invasion in a couple of weeks. The show begins with the return of Shane & Booker, t but they aren’t in the ring they are on the titontron talking to the fans about the misunderstanding that happened a couple of weeks ago. And that Monday they will straighten everything out.  From there Angle is seen talking to Edge & Christian saying how much of an embarrassment it was losing to Storm on RAW in the Main Event. Edge says that he has to face Stasiak tonight & asks Kurt to accompany him to ringside because Christian is busy with Kanyon. So Kurt goes out and manages Edge for the match but ends up getting chased off by Storm who showed up on the stage. This distraction caused Edge to get distracted and lost his match to Stasiak. After that Kanyon & Stasiak vs. Edge & Christian at Invasion, also made Storm vs. Angle in a rematch. Later in the show Lance is against Show in the main event but Lance loses to Show due to interference from Angle. 7/16:**Shane & Booker, t show up on the show to begin as they say that just because they aren’t in the group anymore doesn’t mean they don’t have power being the World Champion & Owner of WCW so tonight and Invasion they will book matches. Shane says that since his dad isn’t here & his dad book the WCW talent Shane will book the WWF talent. So tonight: Storm, Stasiak, & Kanyon vs. Angle, Edge, & Christian; Kane vs. DDP; Morrus vs. Jeff Hardy; & Show vs. Undertaker. Invasion will see Matt Hardy defend the European title vs. Hugh Morrus, Undertaker vs. DDP, Storm vs. Angle, and Stasiak & Kanyon vs. Edge & Christian. This is what will happen & Booker, T will face Mike Awesome.
Matches: Morrus vs. Jeff Hardy was the first interpromotional match of the night & Jeff will have Matt with him. Hugh Morrus will loss because Shane would show up on the stage calling his name. Then Morrus will attack Jeff after the match but will not be able to do it long as Matt runs in and saves Jeff and they clear the ring of Morrus. A backstage segment where a camera is around Victoria Texas looking for Austin. Kane vs. DDP would go on after a WWF match this will have a decent amount of time but instead of taker getting involved DDP will go over because of his match vs. Taker at Invasion so he looks a little stronger. This time we cut to Angle talking to Debra asking if she knew where Austin was & if he will be at Invasion & she says “I don’t know where he is Kurt but you have to trust Steve that if he believes in it he will be there.” Hardcore title segment here to occupy time while they also cut to an interview with Stasiak, Kanyon, & Storm them talking about that they will be proving they aren’t jokes and are just as good as the WWE guys maybe even better. Now Angle, Edge, & Christian vs. Stasiak, Kanyon, & Storm; this will go long enough were all the guys will get a decent amount of time in the ring to prove they belong. Breakouts of this match will be Storm, Angle, & Kanyon. This match is one won by WWF so they are seen to have the advantage in some way going to the ppv on Sunday One last cut this time Angle in the Parking lot asking anyone in the back if he heard from Austin as to why he isn’t here. Undertaker vs. Big Show ends in a No-Contest because WCW invaders are out this time more than before Storm, Stasiak, Kanyon, Palumbo, O’ Haire, Helms, Kidman, Morris, Awesome, debuting Jindrak, DDP, Kronik, and Debuting Johnny Stamboli. They go after Undertaker & Big Show they are at first fended off but aren’t fended for long as the numbers are to strong and they start going to town on WWF but then TEAM WWF makes a run for the ring. APA, Holly’s, Kaientai, Angle, Jeff & Matt, Jericho, Kane, & others then we hear the broken glass over the speakers which only means only thing Austin. But the only thing we see to end the show is Booker & Shane looking down at the chaos instead of Austin we close with JR saying “What’s going to happen on Sunday” announced also is whoever win the most matches run RAW the next night.
(** Asterisk means complete rework for a show or shows)
7/20:** the show begins with Kurt Angle saying that he is better then everyone in this locker room and has proven it time and again. Here comes Storm he says “If I can be serious for a moment, you have never proven it against mean Kurt I am 1-0 and vs. you and you hate that.” “Because I am the complete opposite of you Kurt you were given everything in your career I had to earn everything. You were a publicity stunt when you first got signed and you still are Kurt.” “Sunday I am going to prove to you that real wrestlers don’t come from the Olympics but they come from Calgary Alberta, Canada.” Kurt “if you’re that confident Lance then how about we ban both WCW & WWF Superstars from ringside.” Deal. We move to the fist match tonight with Invasion Sunday none of the matches will just be WWE or WCW tonight. To open we’ll have an interpromotional match for the cruiserweight belt Gregory Helms vs. Karagis (debut) vs. X-Pac vs. Jeff Hardy, the winner and new cruiserweight champion X-Pac becoming the first WWF star to win a WCW belt. Next would be a switch Matt Hardy vs. Jindrak one on one with Morris banned from ringside. Hardy would lose off of WCW distraction in an average match giving Mark his first win.  Also made later is pick your poison for Storm & Kurt, Lance has more time because I need to get Lance at a certain level to face Kurt. Lance Storm vs. Chris Jericho this is the highlight of the show it went 12 minutes & had a stare down after the match that Chris won but both guys get over in. Next Angle is out back to see if Austin is here nothing. The next match is APA & Spike Dudley vs. Palumbo, O’ Haire & Stasiak not a bad match but gets the fans ready for Champions vs. Champions on Sunday as both tag champs will fight. Brain Adams (w/ Bryan Clark) vs. Test this is there to waste time but also to build suspicion of who the traitor might be. Now we see Shane & Mike Awesome talking backstage about Sunday. Main Event time, Angle is out first but as Awesome’s music begins to play he doesn’t appear they try two more times still nothing. They go backstage to find Awesome laid out but nobody is around so an unknown assailant takes out Awesome and he looks hurt. But back in the ring Angle is waiting for someone anyone to come out but then out of nowhere Lance hops the rail and attacks Kurt. As he is putting the boots to Kurt you can hear him say Sunday Kurt Sunday. Vince also promises surprises for Invasion & Shane does as well


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