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Different information as i have covered more ground in the last part then i thought here is all i have left to say.
Bookers or the match makers are the guys who help decide who wins and loses the matches on shows, PPV’s, & live events. Working stiff, means you make it hard for your opponent to do things to you and you hit hard with your punches and chops. Face & heel are the terms to describe good guys & bad guys in a wrestling show. Going over in a match, usually means that an established star allows a lesser star to use his name to become a credible name. Getting over is when you start to get a crowd reaction from the fans. All of those off the top of my head, I am speaking honestly I never lie about the knowledge I have about this Sport. I say sport because I hate the fact that Vince has been calling it sports entertainment since the mid 80’s when he took over it always used to be just a sport. Like from the 40’s to the 70’s when the US was split into territories and was run on the honor system of you don’t go into another promoter’s territory. Back then the business was also very protected like only people who were in a promotion knew the in workings of a company like this but now that’s not the case.
Take this for what it is, me telling you all the truth & who I am. I am a mark or an internet fan which is extremely true. I am probably one of the biggest fans you will ever meet if you don’t ever do though I hope you get to see me on TV because my dream is to be a part of this sport because I feel like I don’t fit anywhere else. If you’re wondering no I am not a complete geek well your wrong actually I am the complete opposite if you said I need a life may be right there never know maybe this might become it.
Hope you enjoyed reading through my knowledge of the sport that I love very much I can actually say I kind of enjoyed tell you about it now I will go watch some more wrestling excuse me! J

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