Scouting Report

Fandango (Johnny Curtis)

good on the mic
average in the ring

Johnny has been with the WWE since 2006 when he was signed to a developmental deal and started working in DSW. After WWE separated from Deep-South Wrestling, Johnny was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling which was WWE's new training academy in June 2008. He was a two-time FCW Tag Team Champion with Derrick Bateman & Tyler Reks. In 2010 Curtis got called for NXT but it wasn't long before Curtis was back down in FCW because he had no feud or anything to do. Then after NXT 5 he went back down and stayed with NXT which was the new FCW and by late 2011 Fandango was born. At first Fandango wouldn't compete if anyone from Matt Striker to Justin Roberts, to Tensai, to Khali, to Kofi to Jericho to many others didn't say his name right.
Which is Fan-Dan-Go!!!!! His first match didn't happen until Wrestlemania because of Fandango's opponents not being able to pronounce his name right. The next night the crowd was crazy so crazy that when Fandango came out the fans were humming & dancing along to Fandango's theme on and off for the rest of the show. Then they were humming the theme again before the Smackdown taping and even a little on Smackdown. Maybe WWE has actually found something that works or something people find so stupid it's fine and they want to see what happens with Fan-Dan-Go!!!!! Fandango vs Chris Jericho Wrestlemania 29 Fandango & Chris Jericho backstage segment


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