ESPN 1 - WWE 0

For those who may think by the title this is Vince's newest rival but nope ESPN as far I can tell ESPN analyst will remain out of the WWE for now at least. That is unless Coachman wants to comeback anytime soon (Not likely).

It's just ESPN has been doing Power Rankings for WWE based off what you see on their shows like who wins/loses, most crowd heat/support, etc. Well in the newest Power Ranking which The Shield tops by the way they mention the how silent the crowd was last for most of the show excluding some points. They said:

“For a company that prides itself on listening to its fans, I wonder how much weight it gives to 3 hours and 20 minutes of near silence (except for the very loud ‘You can’t wrestle’ chant aimed at Fandango, even if he did deliver a sweet flying leg drop). I think the dead crowd speaks volumes about the upcoming WrestleMania card and the lazy booking that goes along with setting up a string of rematches people weren't really clamoring to see in the first place.”

This couldn't be more true, I have heard from numerous people online of course that with the lack of hype & "lazy booking" it doesn't feel like Wrestlemania season normally does and it's annoying. WWE every year always has their best TV from January to April or whenever Wrestlemania is but not this year. TV ratings reflect that as does lack of fan interest in Wrestlemania. I think it's like the blurb above says they just set up a string of rematches ala Brock vs Hunter & Rock vs Cena that most people really didn't want to see anyway. But will Mania still do good, Yes, will the IWC complain oh heck yeah (that's just what most of us do), will the WWE care that we are complaining.... Nope because they care more about the casual fans then the Hardcore fans. Why or How will they still make money because of said casual fans who bought into Cena vs Rock rematch same with Hunter vs Brock. But why is a different story WWE goes to the casual fans over the Hardcore fans because the casual will like who WWE tells them to or will a specific based on how he is booked. That's not the case for Hardcore fans they don't care who WWE tells them to like they cheer or boo who they want. Which is why either way if this years Mania has a case of Lazy Booking all over it it will still make money!!!!!! Thanks for letting me vent 


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