How I Would Book It Part 2....... Rebirth of Extreme (ECW 2006)

Tuesday July 4th ECW on Sc-FI: Philadelphia, PA

I would push this for a about a week or two that ECW is coming home to the city that helped start a revolution. The Announcers recap the tag team tournament and because of issues that were out of the control of ECW Management they were forced to allow one team a bye and Daivari & Khali got that right.  Danny Doring & Roadkill def. Basham Brothers (Doring pins Doug) Khali & Daivari are watching the match, Elijah Burke def. local talent, Tim Arson vignette, Sandman def. Zombie, William Regal def. Rene Dupree, Tommy Dreamer comes out and he says “he accepts the challenge Punk laid down for better competition last week and is calling Punk out.” Punk walks out and he saysYou misunderstood me Tommy, I did ask for better competition but I didn’t say when I wanted to fight. I will not be fighting in this wasteland of a city, full of parasites & delusional alcoholics; I unlike you and your old “ECW Originals” am above degrading myself and giving these idiots a better show they deserve.” Punk turns to walk out but then Ray Gordy & Rob Conway attack Tommy Dreamer and then Punk and Mr. X hit the ring also making it 4 on 1. Out of nowhere comes ECW Originals (Sabu, Sandman, RVD, Balls Mahoney, Super Crazy, & Johnny Swinger) as they run off the heels.

Tuesday July 11th ECW on SC-FI:

Paul Heyman comes out and says “It seems as though over the course of the last few weeks certain ECW Originals have been having problems with a certain newcomer. Well we have a ppv coming up I believe it’s called SummerSlam. What we will have is a Tag Team match if Punk’s team wins he gets to fight Rob Van Dam at Survivor Series in November. But if Punk’s team loses he will face the team member from the Originals that gets the winning pin fall at Survivor Series in November. Ray Gordy def. a local talent, Tim Arson vignette, William Regal def. Rene Dupree (Post Match: Rene attacks William Regal and leaves him lying on the mat), Kenny Dykstra def. Special E, Great Khali & Daivari vs Danny Doring & Roadkill is announced for SummerSlam, Announcers hype Main Event of Tommy Dreamer vs Mr. X, Basham Brothers def. John Strom & Phil Smith (Danny pins Phil), Mr. X def. Tommy Dreamer (Mr. X won off the distraction from CM Punk who came out on stage was provoking Tommy Dreamer)

Tuesday July 18th ECW on SC-FI:

Tommy Dreamer comes out and challenges CM Punk to a match later tonight. Dreamer is giving Punk the rest of the night to answer or he will go back and fight him back there. Great Khali w/ Daivari def. Roadkill w/ Danny Doring (Post Match: Daivari talks about how dominate The Great Khali is and says that we should fear The Great Khali and thought of them becoming ECW World Tag Team Champions. Sabu def. Rob Conway (Post Match: Conway attempts to attack Sabu but is stopped and they are fighting but then Ray Gordy & Mr. X run down to help Conway only to be stopped by Balls Mahoney & Sandman and now a big brawl is breaking out in the arena between Punk’s group and the ECW Legends. Punk shows up on screen and says “I am the hottest commodity in wrestling right now because I am different and I don’t let people tell me no, if I want something I take it. No matter the opposition I will be taking the ECW World Championship and there is nothing any of your heroes can do about it even Tommy Dreamer.

I apologize for that lack of parts of this How I would book it but it's just that time of year and I have been pretty busy with a lot of things, but I will try my hardest to get another part out very soon. Thanks again all of the support


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