TNA: The Sale of TNA (The Final Update)

Over the course of the of the few months the Internet Wrestling community has been a buzz with the rumors of The Carter Family possibly selling TNA to an outside party. But since the start of December the rumors have cooled down and almost halted totally.

At last word the rumor had the reason was the stake the outside party would take. The Carter Family didn't want to sell full ownership they just want another investor or a person to take part of their majority share rather then full ownership. But the outside party only wants full ownership instead of just minority share. I firmly believe this will hold up the sale to the pi int that it will not happen. I think this is bad because it is obvious in my mind that things aren't working under them because they have been in the same position for the last 7 years. I mean I think they may have also encountered setbacks along the way but still. I think it's time for The Carter's to give up and allow some with a new direction and fresh ideas to come in and change TNA.

For those that may have been curious the rumored buyer at this point is not Billy Corgan anymore it is Country Music Star, John Rich. John as far as I know has no background in the Wrestling business but that doesn't mean he wouldn't do a good job or bring people in that do know what they are doing. Also this will be the last update on this topic as it seems like nothing has changed in the last couple of months. If anything new comes out or anything changes I will be sure to publish it as soon as possible.

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