How I Would Book it Background...... Relaunch of ECW

I am aware this post series has taken a big break since my last series when I showed How I would have booked the Bryan vs Orton feud. Now first I know numerous people have tried to recapture the success of the original ECW but it is hard and almost impossible to recapture that. Because of the time and the people involved and the stars were aligned for them to succeed and begin a revolution. Back in 2006 WWE decide to try and recreate the Revolution when they announced they decided they were bringing ECW back as a show. Boy was that a mistake because it started out good and different but then after a while ECW became a glorified training facility for future Smackdown & Raw Superstars.

Join me as I enter the old wrestling time machine to travel back in time to the year 2006 to try and stop WWE from killing the ECW name. I will have a balance of new and old, more then just one title, and little involvement with RAW & Smackdown brands. Hop on and let the ride back in time begin ECW 2006- The Rebirth of Extreme


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