Random Wrestling Video of the Day: Bret Hart's Career Ends

In this segment here on Evolution of Wrestling I will be choosing just a random wrestling video from Youtube to post here on the site. If you have any suggestions about the next video comment below.

Bret "Hitman" Hart otherwise known as the Best there is best there was and the best there ever will be, had his career ending concussion that ultimately ruined his life. In 1999 Goldberg faced off against the Hitman at Starrcade. In the match Goldberg hit Bret Hart with a thrust kick that gave a concussion, which was the first of many. Hart suffered up to three extra concussions within matches over the time of that day along with the days immediately following Starrcade, having not been aware of the extent of his injuries. Because of all this consussions Bret got post-concussion-syndrome which forced him to retire from wrestling.


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