How I Would Book it Part 2: WCW 1998

After a short hiatus we are back again with Part 2 of this installment of the How I Would Book it series. I will try and get better with posting so I don't only do it once a month. 
Due to a change in plans this is installment of the How I Would Book it series will be different then first expected, but will still keep going for as long as first announced. Now onto the good stuff:

- With the appearance of The Hitman at Starrcade it has the top talents in WCW ready to defend their position against the "intruder" from up north.

- Things are still being sorted out after tensions reach the breaking point at Starrcade between NWO members Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan.

- After a private conversation between Scott Hall & Eric Bischoff that leaves us wondering what is going on

- Also on Nitro you will see the new United States Champion DDP in action as well as the New Television champion Chris Benoit & Roddy Piper in action.


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