WWE: PG Era vs Attiude Era

Thursday I used an article from WZR that said WWE management believes that talent isnt not as motivated as they once where. That lead me to do this post comparing the PG & Attitude eras to each other. Now i know some say there is no comparison well i will try and make you see their is comparison from then & now. To start I am going to talk about what made the Attitude Era great & then I will talk about why the PG era isnt all bad.
Some say it started in mid 97, others say it started at Wrestlemania 14 everyone has their own opinion when it began. Same thing when it ended everyone has their own opinion weather it was Wrestlemania 17, when the Hardcore title became unified or Survivor Series 2001 when WCW & ECW died. The only that is for sure the period in WWE that became known as the Attiude Era was the greatest period of time to be Wrestling fan then any other time. This period helped WWE become the all powerful promotion that it is now as because of this period they beat their competition and now rule the Wrestling World. In the Summer of 97 WWE was still getting their butts handed to them by the WCW in the Monday Night Wars but things were slowly changing at this point. With the start of DX on TV the WWE's product started to change form a little bit but were still getting beat by Nitro. The real turn was when Stone Cold Steve Austin wins his first World title at Wrestlemania 14 as its like a changing of the guard and of Attitude i guess you could say now. It should cause under Austin's reign the McMahon/Austin Feud revd up and became the top feud in WWE. This lead WWE to beating WCW for the time in 84 weeks that was the night Vince fought Austin. Once that Happened they never look back as time went on they got more edgier & kept pushing the envelope further and further. During this time people saw some nudity, great matches, innovation, stars reaching the moon, awesome storys, etc. But all good things must come to an end and this did March 18 2001 it was announced that Vince bought his competition offically ending the WCW business and any competition for WWE.
Then in around 2007-2008 a new era began this one is called the PG era its called this because WWE has made all their storys, superstars gimmicks, & programing PG. That is not all a bad thing i do admitt i liked a lot more during the previsious era but this era is a more safe era which will help your favorite stars stay healthy longer. Isnt that what all of us want & the story's well no doubt were better back then as oppose to now because of the realism in the story's back then. Now more fans have an idea of the secrets that happen backstage that not as many people knew about back then. But in my opinion WWE wise the characters nowadays may not always be easily identified what they are but are more realistic then they were back then. One benefit back then though was Roster depth which something dont have now because management doesnt have the patients they did back then to make new stars which impact business and the fans. Last thing good about this era is WWE is trying to use the Internet to their advantage which shows they are changing with the times.
WWE always asks people why they dont watch anymore a simple answer is cause the magic is gone. The era that most of those fans loved is gone, as are a lot of the stars they are retired because of the demand the era had on them. In a way its good that it ended because it lets stars now have more time to do the job they love to do for longer which in my opinion is great.


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