Creative Has Nothing For You Oh Really

This is the new blog series I have been hinting at over the past couple of weeks in some of the posts i have done. A couple of weeks ago I was watching Colt Cabana's hit Youtube series that he does with called Creative has Nothing for You. I thought it would be a good idea to make it a weekly blog post on the site. As numerous people are told Creative has nothing for you but most of the time that isnt really the case. Its usually management doesnt see it in the star to make it past a certain point I am here to prove that wrong. The first one I will prove that Creative could have more for is the man who is on his way to becoming the longest regining X-Division Champion in TNA history:
Austin Aries
Austin is one of the most talented people on the TNA roster right now and is also one of the most hard working people on the show. He steals the show with his opponent everytime he goes out to the ring to compete. The promo skills that he has can help them in the long run because they can start Austin saying that he is the longest reging X-Division champion and that makes him the best. Once he breaks the record make him drop the belt couple of weeks after to someone who deserves it & move on. Because of the matches he is putting on anytime the title is on the line he is elevating the gold to some importance. Once he drops that belt make him start the process on the TV title competiting against the mid-card of TNA. Then after 6 months as that champion make him drop that belt & start a feud with Jeff Hardy or Storm. Either person could do it with because, you could make A Double be like look at the title picture now I am the best person on the roster yet i havent got a World title shot. Their you go a classic feud of a heel saying he is the best and a  face trying to prove him wrong just because, its basic doesnt mean it wont work. This would take TNA into early next year for Aries which isnt a bad idea its just long term planning which is something TNA lacks.

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment or Re-tweeting it & if you enjoyed it then you can tell me people you would love to see me do in this cause i would prove that anyone can have something if you dig for it.


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