Is the Heat Deserved 2

News broke last night that Miz has heat backstage which means he has angred somepeople in power backstage and has to be punished. What it was that caused this well it has nothing to do with Miz missing the spot last night causing truth to crash n burn on the floor. But Miz has this heat before because he is being blamed for the lack of buyrates from the Survivor Series PPV. Cena, Rock, & Truth arent but Miz is oh yah that seems fair blame one and not everyone who deserves the blame. So because of the bad buys they are burying Miz and have been since the beinging of the year which doesnt make sense to me because they are losing a credible heel in the process. Making him go on a losing streak should only be used for reason, and thats if its one thing if its to push a face to the next level, its a totally different thing if its to bury the guy like what happen to MVP a couple of years ago. By making him do it to punish him also punishes the company because, they lose a credible heel they can use for storys just so they can show what happends when people dont buy a ppv with you on a team in the main event. Rumors going on backstage is that management thinks RAW lacks a top heel well two things can fix that situation first stop making heels job to cena. Second dont bury the heels for a long period of time or they lose their crediblity. Back to the first thing Miz is a perfect example because, he was one of the top heels in WWE at one point but then another feud with Cena this time he was going to job to Super Cena. How he did it was even after he beat Cena's ass from pillar to post with A-RY, Cena went on to squash both A-RY & Miz in 1-2 Handicaped I-Quit Match. Like if you agree that Miz deserves all the blame for the Survivor Series lacking Buys or is someone else to blame. Comment or Retweet if you disagree and tell me why.


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