Wrestlers Step Up for a Great Cause Revisited

Though it seems to may be fizziling out a little bit I thought it would be cool to take a look again at some other Wrestlers who have stepped up and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: 

Tommy Dreamer Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge: 

David Otunga Take the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch Maryse & Eve Torres accept the Ice Bucket Challenge: http://www.wzronline.com/wrestling-news/videos-maryse-eve-torres-accept-the-als-challenge-hot.html

Watch Shawn Michaels & Former TNA Knockout Rosita take the Ice Bucket Challenge: http://www.wzronline.com/wrestling-news/videos-hbk-rosita-accept-the-als-challenge-details.html

Watch Eva Marie & Summer Rae accept the Ice Bucket Challenge: http://www.wzronline.com/wrestling-news/videos-eva-marie-summer-rae-accept-the-als-challenge.html

All I have to add is guys remember even if you disagree with the idea of pouring ice water on your head as a way to raise awareness for a charity it seems like it's doing something. So though you may not agree with the idea it doesn't mean it's a bad idea.



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