The Ultimate Disrespect

Now I know that certain people may think that it is time just to leave alone and let it go away but with the fact that a petition (Follow the Link) is out now it won’t be going away for a little while at least so I would feel wrong not doing a post about it. First of all to avoid anyone getting pissed at me I will not mention the journalists name and I use that term very loosely as one certain journalist showed vivid disrespect for the truth and showed that she didn't care about the fact all she wanted was to get her point across and her opinion. To disparage any thought of what I am talking about I am referring to that disrespectful interview that took place last night that involved Diamond Dallas Page. I will not mention the name of the women who was interviewing DDP because I will not give her the free advertising space on my site. Also I just want to say if you have a problem with anything I am going to say don't continue reading because well you don't have to read it if you don't want as I am not forcing you to read it. Remember like this "Journalist" had the right to express her opinion I have the right to express my and I will try to express it in the most professional manner possible. 

As many of you know by now of the tragic passing of the Ultimate Warrior on Tuesday turned the wrestling world upside down because it something nobody expected to hear or wanted to see. But one television "journalist" used his passing as way to boost ratings and voice her opinion on the wrestling business and all wrestlers as a whole, which she has every right to do, however she refused to listen to reason from the wrestler she was interviewing and just heard what she wanted to hear to prove her point. Now I will be one of the first say a lot of wrestlers have passed away very young and it is extremely sad but just because a lot of wrestlers passed away young doesn't mean they all did. 

The thing that really got to me when I watched the interview last night was not only her dragging the good name of the Warrior through the mud like that but also her claims that certain wrestlers passed away because of drug related abuse. One of the wrestlers I took exception and thought it was disgraceful to claim their passing’s had anything to with drugs or any form of steroids were Owen Hart, Mark Curtis, Joey Marella, Chris Candido, & Brady Boone (I apologize if I missed anyone else). Most if not all wrestling are aware of Owen's untimely passing and everyone who knows about knows that it had nothing to do with steroids and I believe it is a disgrace to even insinuate it. But in the other wrestlers case it is just as disgraceful because none of their passing’s had anything to do with steroids or drug related. Sadly both Marella & Boone were tragically killed in car accident on the way back home from working in 1994 & 1998 respectively. Chris Candido tragically passed away due to a blood clot from surgery he had to repair injuries he suffered previously. Also to say that Mark Curtis's passing was in anyway attributed to any sort of drugs or steroids in disgraceful & very insulting as Mark tragically passed after losing a long battle with Cancer in 1999. 

I apologize to those of you who may not understand this post or how the four men I mentioned have anything to do with the Ultimate Warrior's passing. Well all you have to do wrestling fans is look what is the second most trending topic in the world and you'll know what I am talking about or at least have a better idea. Over the last 24 hours I have heard numerous people sharing their thoughts on said interview from last night and some have been more colorful than others, but the one I liked the most came from a current employee of a wrestling company who shall remain nameless and part of what he said was "You messed with the wrong fan base." It is wrong to use a generalization and a board line stereotype against wrestlers saying that just because they passed young they must have used drugs because of their chosen profession. Also just because some may have used steroids 20 years ago that doesn't mean it has any relation to their passing just because of the profession they were in. 


This in my opinion: You know something I have been watching wrestling for 15 years now and I don't think I have ever been more insulted as a fan by someone's ignorance and disrespect for the wrestling industry then I was after watching the interview from last night. To make the generalization that just because some wrestlers took drugs/steroids and passed away young that doesn't everyone has, and it insulting most importantly to the families of said wrestlers whose good names are being tampered with and pushed through the mud just for a "story."  One thing she also alluded to in the interview was "rumors swirling that Warrior's death had something to do with steroids" all I have say to that is where does she get off saying that and where are these so called rumors because I haven't see any. Also Warrior has a family who shouldn't have to deal with this neither should any other family who in anyway was mentioned in the interview last night because it is disrespectful and a disgrace to modern journalism. This also shows her ignorance and lack of researching the matter at hand to have enough knowledge about to not have ignorance on the matter and be open to discussion rather than saying it's her way or no way. Once again remember nobody forced you to read this and I thank you all for letting me vent a little about someone disrespecting pro-wrestling which is something some many of us love very much. Also remember once again this is my opinion whether you agree with it or not that's fine you don't have to agree with it. 

~Thank You and Hope You Enjoyed!!!!

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