Differences in Writing for a Site vs Blog Part 3

Over a lot longer period of time then I though it would be I have been writing about the differences between writing for a site and a blog. In the first part I gave a good amount of background into well who I am and what happened to all the posts from me like I had been doing a few years ago. Then in the second part it was a more basic post focused on opinion well now it's time for the organized post. This post is focused on well let me just get into it:

Professionalism is Must for all writers on Sites: I am just going to come right out and say it that the stigma of being professional just because the fact that your writing is seen by more is complete bull. Being biased as a writer is bigger negative, because it disallows you from seeing both sides and possibly even writing a better article looking at the same topic from two different perspectives. However, the stigma of saying F*** or Bullshit or any other mature language has a negative stigma as people believe you sound uneducated for using that type of language. Well here's a biased opinion for you "Being Professional F******* Sucks and isn't a requirement to be a respected and dignified writer. Because if being respected & dignified means that you think your better then everyone else then I would rather be respected by the few and hated by most. But if being professional doesn't matter then what does? 

Good Grammar does Matter: Fact of is that being professional isn't a must to be considered a respect writer, but having good grammar is a must when it comes to being respected. If you are writer and you don't care about grammar then don't expect people to actually believe or value what you write as it will look as though a three year old wrote the article. So take the extra 2-3 minutes and look over your stuff or have someone else do it because that could be the difference between being respected and being thought to be a three year old. 

Quantity is the Most Important: This statement couldn't be any more false!! The amount posts you put up in a day has no bearing on anything related to your site if the post overall suck. If you put up one really good that everyone is praising, but then two days later you through up two crappy posts you will loss views, because quantity doesn't equal quality. I used to think that, but my opinion was changed and I woke up from my delusion. Now I value quality over quantity, I still do two posts in one day and give both posts all I can give them. So it's not impossible just have to be willing to invest the time. 

Though I am not sure I have enough to write a Part 4 if we hit over 25 views for this post then I will work on a Part 4 for this series. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!!

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