Differences between writing for a Site vs Blog (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay guys and gals on Part 2 of this series, I know it's been a while but I have had a lot going on over the last few weeks so there you go. Now let's get back on track:

Last time we were here I was talking about leaving this blog and doing the real site full time. But then I also mentioned about the fact that within a year I hated writing for the new site and wanted to quit all together. The reason that I refuse to mention the name of the company or the site is because I moved on and love writing again, also I have no ill will towards them at this point. Even if I don't agree with how they do business I harbor No ill will towards them.

When I was writing for the .com site I was told that I had to be mature, unbiased, and most important professional. Well I will tell you that their were times when it was hard, but by the end I really didn't care about the rules or getting terminated because I didn't enjoy it anymore. That is where writing for blog maybe better because you don't have to be mature, biased or unbiased is your choice and most important you can through being professional out the window. So if I want you to take anything from this paragraph learn that being Professional Sucks!! 

I walked away from the .com site in I believe mid-December of last year and haven't looked back, because I believe that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. But at this point I run a developing site which is a .net and am opening up to other projects in the near future. I will add one thing through of this change one thing has remained constant and that is this blog, and that is all thanks to you the loyal reader. Let us continue next time:

What you will find in Part 3:
This is the last part of this series and will include me digging a little deeper and touching on some more points of comparison for a Site vs Blog. Hopefully this isn't the last time you see me for this month, but I didn't think it would take me 2 months to write Part 2, so you never know. But one can hope! Right? Right?

Part 1: http://evolutionofwrestling.blogspot.com/2015/07/differences-between-writing-for-blogs.html


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