Rework n Rewrite Part 2

I was busy yesterday so I wasnt able to get it done like i said in the post on Tuesday but here is the ending of the post from Tuesday & since Hart's run ended at Starcade 99 thats when i will end it in this. Now in April 98 begins a feud with Chris Benoit this feud starts at Slamborre which is the April ppv. Hart attacks Chris after his match vs Finlay officially turning heel. The next night on Nitro Hart explains that he attacked Benoit because he is sick of seeing great talents specifically Canadians taken for granted by this company. Then says tonight he will prove it by taking out an American wrestler anyone open challenge. Glacier accepts the challenge lasts maybe 5 minutes but wins via DQ because Hart wouldnt let go of the figure 4 around the ring post before 5 count. Post match Benoit comes down and attacks Hitman laying him out. Next week Hart does the same thing he did the week before but before he could injure Malenko, Chris comes down and these two go at and are split up by sercurity. More hype over the next 2 weeks going to Great American Bash as the match was made a few weeks ago. This was actually a #1 contendership match to determine who would go for the US title the next night on Nitro. This match also had Booker, t in it because he also laid claim to being #1 contender. This match goes 15 minutes and sees Benoit victorius but at the expense of Booker, T who is Hart's next victim as Hitman does the figure 4 around the post on Booker putting him on the injured list with Glacier. To add crediblity back to him for the next 7 months Hitman feuds with Sting this becomes the top feud in WCW because of the surprises that come during the feud. Including the rebirth of the hart foundation with Hitman, Bulldog, Neidhart, Benoit (who turns heel at Road Wild) & a War games match between the Foundation vs NWO Wolfpac of course Sting gets the pin on Bulldog. Janurary of 99 now and on the first show Hart comes out and says its time for him to prove he is the Best by winning the world title. This leads to a feud between Hart & the NWO as Nash holds the belt until the finger poke of doom when Hogan gets the belt & the feud fans have been waiting for to happen in under way. Hitman vs Immortal one it takes a couple of months however, for Hart to get the shot vs Hogan as Hulk keeps putting barriers in Bret's way meaning other NWO members. This feud keeps going until Bash at the Beach when Hogan vs Hart finally happens one on one for the gold billed as the match of the decade. It goes for a half an hour and at the end we see Hart finally leave as World Champion of WCW beating Hulk. The next night another marque feud begins between Goldberg & Hitman over who is the face of WCW. The feud lasts all the way to Starcade were the two come to ahead and the people see a passing of the torch as Hart loses to Goldberg because of the superkick from Goldberg that later ends Bret's career. He appears two more times on WCW once to put over Lance Storm as the future and the other as a surprise in Canada.

This is how feel Bret's WCW should have gone if you agree then comment on the facebook post or on Twitter tell me how you would have done it thank you.


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